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    168168 2. Rename k.img to something else so it is not recognized as a bootable image.
    170 === 2. !OpenFlow configurations ===
     170=== 2. !OpenFlow configuration commands ===
    171171The !OpenFlow components of the new firmware have been integrated into the CLI. There are contexts for !OpenFlow (conveniently called `openflow`) under the `show` and `configure` contexts.
     227=== 3. Configuration example ===
     228The following is a virtual switch on an IP8800 running the new firmware:
     230sw-gp(config)# openflow openflow-id 1
     231!sw-gp(config-of)# sh                 
     232openflow openflow-id 1
     233  controller controller-name nox-gp 1 port 6633
     234  connect timeout 10
     235  connect timeout retry 3
     236  openflow-interface gigabitethernet 0/17-32, gigabitethernet 0/48
     237  l2-inband-secure-channel vlan 1 gigabitethernet 0/48
     238  enable
     241The basic steps are the following:
     242 1. A real or virtual !OpenFlow switch can be instantiated with the `openflow openflow-id [id] context. [id] is a value of up to 16.
     243 2. As seen above, step 1 takes you into the `(config-of)` context. Once an !OpenFlow switch (VSI) is instantiated, ports are added to it with the `openflow-interface [add]` context, which follows similar syntax to trunk configurations.
     244 3. If a port that is part of a VSI is to be used as the control channel, specify it with the `l2-inband-secure-channel` context. You must specify the VLAN the controller is in.
     245 4. The controller is specified with the `controller` context. The command will force you to give a human-readable name to the controller (nox-gp in the example above), and an IP address and port where the controller process can be reached.
     246 5. The switch must be enabled with the `enable` option.
     248In addition to the basics, several specific aspects of the VSI can be configured. The above example shows the timeout parameters of the VSI have been changed so that:
     249 * `connect timeout 10` = The VSI detects controller disconnection in 10 seconds, and
     250 * `connect timeout retry 3` = When disconnected, the VSI attempts to re-connect with the controller thrice before giving up.
     252The full list of knobs are shown in the previous section, third block quote.
    228255== SSL stuff ==