While each sandbox can be used for general purpose development, each is also differentiated with the set of devices as shown in the table below:

Sandbox Node Type Specialization
SB1 Q87T Atheros 9K and Intel Wireless N + WiMAX
SB2 LV-76G USRP2, Atheros 9K
SB3 LV-67C USRP2, Atheros 5K
SB4 LV-67G Attenuator based topologies, Atheros 9K and WiMAX
SB5 LV-67C USRP, Atheros 9K
SB6 LV-67C CR-Kit (Zynq SDR), WARP, Intel devices & WiMAX
SB7 LV-67G USRP2 Atheros 9K, ZigBee & WiMAX
SB8 LV-67C Atheros 9K & WiMAX
SB9 AMD NetFGPA, OpenFlow
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