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Virtual Mobility using Spatial Switching

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For Experimenters

The setup

Running an experiment

  • Specify the nodes that should be used as VMs in the file listofvms.txt. For the purpose of illustration let us assume that we want to emulate two mobile nodes on the grid. Each mobile node has to be associated with a VM, an association that will stay throughout the experiment. Select nodes [3,6] and [5,6] on the grid. The corresponding entries in the file listofvms.txt are shown below.
    Any nodes on the grid may be selected as VM nodes. A VM nodes uniquely maps one and only one mobile node.
  • For each VM create a file VM<no>.txt where <no> can take a value from 1 to number of VMs. In our example we have two VMs, we create VM1.txt and VM2.txt. Each VM<no>.txt file contains two columns. The first column contains time and the second column the grid node that should be mapped to the mobile node at the time. The mapping stays unless the next entry in the VM<no>.txt changes the mapping.
    for node1-2, create VM_1.txt
    node1-4, create VM_2.txt
  • Run "CreateMobilitySetup"
  • Run
  • Run

For Developers

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