In this section we will review and construct basic signals. For this tutorial, use the Y option when calling doing SSH. First you are going to want to resolve a space on SB3 before continuing on with the tutorial.

ssh -Y

Check that the nodes are powered ON:

omf stat -t all

If one or both of the nodes are in a powered off state turn them on with:

omf tell -a on -t all

Next to get the latest updated image with updated gnuradio libraries enter:

omf load -t all -i ubuntu-14-04-64bit-sdr-full.ndz

After calling the nodes will power down after imaging. Turn them back on and enter:

ssh -Y root@node1-1

*Note if this doesn't work the first time, the node might be recovering from imaging. Wait a few seconds and try again.

Enter on the command line:

gnuradio-companion &

From the available blocks construct the schematic displayed in:

this will allow you to view the signal and its frequency plot equivalent similar to the image below:

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