# Create an application representation from scratch
require 'handler/appDefinition'

a = AppDefinition.create('test:app:itgs') = "itgs"
a.version(0, 0, 1)
a.shortDescription = "D-ITG Sender"
a.description = <<TEXT
ITGSend is a traffic generator for TCP and UDP traffic. It contains generators 
producing various forms of packet streams and port for sending
these packets via various transports, such as TCP and UDP.

# addProperty(name, description, mnemonic, type, isDynamic = false, constraints = nil)
#Flow options
a.addProperty('m', 'MSR type: either onewaydelay or RTT', ?m, String, false)
a.addProperty('a', 'Destination address', ?a, String, false)
a.addProperty('r', 'Remote port', ?r, Integer, false)
a.addProperty('T', 'Protocol type TCP/UDP/UDP_Libmac', ?T, Integer, false)
a.addProperty('f', 'TTL',?f, Integer, false)
a.addProperty('d', 'Gen_Delay',?d, Integer, false)
a.addProperty('t', "Duration of traffic generation(millisecs)", ?t, Integer, false)

#Interdeparture time options
a.addProperty('C', 'Constant interdeparture time b/w packets (pkts_per_s)', ?C, Integer, false)
a.addProperty('E', '(Exponential) Average packets per sec', ?E, Integer, false)
a.addProperty('O', '(Poisson) Average pkts per sec', ?O, Integer, false)
#Note that Pareto, Cauchy, UNiform, Normal and Gamma distributions will be added

#Log file options
a.addProperty('l', 'Log file', ?l, String, false)

#Packet size options
a.addProperty('c', 'Constant payload size', ?c, Integer, false)
a.addProperty('e', "Average pkt size (exponential)", ?e, Integer, false)
a.addProperty('o', "Poisson distributed avg. pkt size", ?o, Integer, false)
#Note that Pareto, Cauchy, UNiform, Normal and Gamma distributions will be added

# Applications (note that no other interdeparture or packet size can be chosen
# if an application is chosen
a.addProperty('App', 'VoIP traffic', ?Z, Integer, false)
a.addProperty('codec', 'VoIP codec: G.711.1, G.711.2, G.723.1, G.729.2, G.729.3', ?i, String, false)
a.addProperty('voip_control', 'protocol_type RTP or CRTP',?h, String, false)

a.addProperty('Telnet', 'Telnet traffic', nil, Integer, false)
a.addProperty('DNS', 'DNS traffic', nil, Integer, false)

a.path = "/usr/bin/ITGSend"

if $0 == __FILE__
  require 'stringio'
  require 'rexml/document'
  include REXML
  sio =
  a.to_xml.write(sio, 2)
  doc =
  t = AppDefinition.from_xml(doc.root)
  puts "-------------------------"
  t.to_xml.write($stdout, 2)

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