• Add bluetooth support
  • Remove gnuradio
  • 2.6.18-4-686
  • Nodeagent4 (4.3.0) - support for -ng madwifi driver
  • madwifi-
  • Adopt temporary madwifi IBSS-fix based on SSID for large networks. This feature is enabled by default. Please note this fix behaves a bit differently than the one suggested originally, if you set BSSID yourself via something like:
iwconfig ath0 ap 

net80211 will not try set the BSSID for you using this fix. If you've set the BSSID you can re-enable this fix by reseting it. You can do this via:

iwconfig ath0 ap any

To disable this fix permanently reload the wlan module with ibss_grid=0 as a module parameter as follows:

modprobe wlan ibss_grid=0
modprobe ath_pci

Some additional notes:

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