• nodeagent4
  • based on wireless-2.6.git tree, everything branch
  • 2.6.24-rc1
  • mac80211
  • mac80211 drivers (ath5k!)
  • libnl (with genl support)
  • iw

The sources are available on /usr/src/ as this is a development image. If you want to hack on ath5k you can simply hack on /usr/src/ath5k/ directory so you don't have to recompile the entire kernel each time you make changes. To get the latest updates you can do an svn update from /usr/src/ath5k/ directory as the svn repository on madwifi reflects changes on wireless-2.6.git.

If you'd like to send patches upstream:

If you'd like to start using git:


575c178441cf8861dd15d9300137119f wireless-2.6.ndz

Some additional notes:

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