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Distribution and Driver Developers

The orbit testbed is open for public use for development and the advancement wireless infrastructures. We encourage Linux and BSD developers to use our infrastructure for the advancement of their drivers and wireless infrastructure.

Quick steps to take as a developer to start making use of Orbit:

Lets assume you registered as user "rms" and made a reservation for sandbox6. Here is how you would access the sandbox console, image sandbox nodes, access nodes and optionally save a node image from work on node1-1:

 omf load [1,1] wireless-2.6.ndz
 omf tell on [1,1]
 ssh root@node1-1
 # Hack hack hack
 halt && exit
 # optional, from the console if you really need to save the entire image
 omf save [1,1] 

If you are working on FOSS projects and not part of a University with a partnership with Orbit you can request an account here:

Be sure to select "Linux Wireless Networking" for your organization (this will be renamed soon to be Linux-agnostic). Be sure to also send an e-mail to mcgrof@… explaining your FOSS wireless development projects.

Other information you might be interested in:

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