Orbit-PXE-2 Specifications

Here are the specifications for Orbit-PXE-2 series

Total Size: 3.1 MB
Kernel    size: 788 KB
Initramfs size: 2.3 MB
Kernel: 2.6 series
Initrd: Old initrd image archive
Rootfs: Based on Busybox-1.8.2, several debian packages
nodeagent: nodeagent4_4.3.0_all.deb

Other details:

Both kernel and busybox have been optimized with only configuration options necessary. Debian package build system was cleaned. We have moved away from the old ramfdisk based initrd and moved to the new initramfs CPIO archive format. Another important change is this series is independent of other sources from parent directories in the SVN repository. Previously nodeagent was built from source, we not just download the nodeagent debian package and extract its necessary components into our rootfs.

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