1. OpenAirInterface (OAI)
  2. OpenAirInterface Software Alliance (OSA)
  3. Core 3GPP cellular protocol (EPC)
  4. Access Network cellular protocol (EUTRAN)
  5. OSA's EPC software openairCN (CN)
  6. OSA's Access Network software openair5g
  7. eNB (eNodeB, Evolved Node B)
    1. The hardware that is connected to the mobile phone network, that communicates directly with mobile handsets (UEs), like a base transceiver station (BTS) in GSM networks.
  8. UE User Equipment,
    1. any device used directly by an end user to communicate. Connects to eNB.
  9. MME
    1. Mobility Management Entity, Control node for LTE access-network, chooses SGW for UE
  10. HSS
    1. Home Subscriber server, central database that contains user / subscription info.
  11. SGw
    1. Serving Gateway, routes and forwards user data packets, mobility anchor during enodeb handover
  12. PGw
    1. PDN gateway, connects UE to extenal data networks, point of exit and entry for traffic. UE can have more than one.

Main Tasks

  1. Make base image for open air interface (OAI)
    1. SB1
    2. Compile enodeb, ue, mme
    3. Put binaries in correct places
  2. write omf service to control lte basestation parameters
    1. amarisoft, openairlte, airspan?
    2. primary openairlte

OAI Build

  1. Current openair lte image, svn based
    1. repo1 oai images oai-trunk-full.ndz
  2. new image, pull from git
    1. root home directory, git pull
    2. compile, put binaries in /usr/bin
    3. 3 important binaries
      1. enodeb (basestation)
      2. ue (client)
      3. mme (component, mobility management, controller)
    4. difference in compilation settings for enodeb vs ue
      1. vs cli switch
  3. command list
    • apt-get update
    • apt-get install git
    • echo -n | openssl s_client -showcerts -connect 2>/dev/null | sed -ne '/-BEGIN CERTIFICATE-/,/-END CERTIFICATE-/p' >> /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt
    • git clone
    • git clone
    • ./build_oai -I

OMF Service

  1. create via shell / ruby
  2. scripts to start server or client
    1. control ue via resource controller
    2. control enodeb via rest?
    3. both via conf. file
  3. bsc03out has bs controller
    1. omf agg manager for conf, changes file, then controller
    2. has version of bscontrol, managing amarisoft (n210) and oai (b210) or (x310)
    3. bscontrol for (wimax airspan)
    4. airspan via snmp, adapt wimax commands for lte airspan

Client Devices

  1. List of Devices
    1. UE running on b210
    2. UE running on x310
    3. Nexus 5 with sim card
    4. Netgear 341u dongle with sim card
  2. SIM card programming
    1. Documentation below
    2. Have two reader/writers
    3. some options for values
    4. need to determine proper scheme for assigning values.

Initial setup for 341u

  1. disable auto update AT!IDSAUTOFOTA=0,0,0
  2. disable auto connect AT!dxcfg=profile,Autoconnect,Never


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