Page for mobile oculus rift project


put oculus rift, gaming computer, and batteries on electric cart do augmented reality.

Would like 30 minutes + runtime


Razor Crazy Cart XL

Oculus Rift DK2

Host computer:

  1. ATX power, to support gfx card. needs pcie x16 (LV-67J) (Low power cpu may work better)
  2. Nvidia GTX970 (or 750ti for no external power input)
  3. Edge SSD, or bigger/faster
  4. Requires about 250W at full load.
  5. low power spec, 141w a full load, 172 with regular cpu.


  1. DC-ATX psu
    1. Mini-box M4-ATX, 250w output, 300w peak. 6-30v input
    2. HD-PLEX psu, 250w, 400w peak, 16-24v input, pcie connectors
  2. UPS
      1. output 24v to m4-atx, so 10.41A, 7.1A, 5.9A configurations
      2. High power configuration does not fit within safe envelope. Actually, only lowest power option fits into recommended power envelope.
    2. Alternative is to use a car battery with the m4-atx
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