ORBIT WiFi for robots and other devices needing access to DMZ

This WiFi network was setup for devices such as the robots, Hololens, etc. that need access to machines/resources on the ORBIT DMZ network. It is setup with MAC filtering to prevent unnecessary connection by users. Currently there is only 1 AP located in the control room.

Device MAC Address
Hololens b4:ae:2b:bf:b1:f2
Raspberry pi on the roomba "razpi" b8:27:e8:f1:ca:ab
NUC "alfred" on Pioneer robot 00:c2:c6:aa:22:f6


Band: 802.11b/g/n on 2.4GHz (channel 1 or 6) 20MHz bandwidth

Key: 0rb1tw1f1

NOTE: The 'O' is a zero and the i's are ones.

MAC Address filtering is enabled!!'''


Connect from anywhere in DMZ such as internal4 to:
(NOTE: will not work through the WiFi itself)

Adding a device

Add the device's wireless MAC address as a user (MAC = username & password)

  1. Connect to the admin interface
  2. Go to Security in top right
  3. Go to Users for Internal Server tab
  4. Enter the MAC address as the Username, Password and Retype
  5. Set the Type to Employee
  6. Click Add
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