Node ID Box

Details of how to program a node-id box

You will need a computer, a cross over cable and a test ORBIT node. This setup is currently in place in the ORBIT lab room

  • Step 1: Connect the computer to the node's CM interface using cross-over cable and configure the node's IP address to netmask
  • Step 2: Connect the node ID that you want to program to the node ID connector socket on the front of the node
  • Step 3: Connect power to the node and wait for the node ID box to start blinking
  • Step 4: Telnet to, this is the default CM IP for a new node ID box
  • You will see a CM prompt like this
     type ? for help
  • At the prompt, type eprom and hit enter, you should get the following screen
    Usage:  eprom NodeType p1 p2 HostBaud
    where NodeType: 1=GridNode, 2=SupportNode, 3=SandboxNode
          p1 p2:    p1=x, p2=y GridNode coord (x,y)
          p1 p2:    p1=100, p2=SupportNode ID
          p1 p2:    p1=101...199 Sandbox ID,  p2: XXXXYYYY SandboxNode coord (X,Y)
          HostBaud: Host Console Baud Rate (1...5):
                    1=9600, 2=19200, 3=38400, 4=57600, 5=115200
          Example: eprom 1 5 6 4   (all numbers decimal)
  • Step 5: As an example to program node1-1 belonging to sandbox 5, you will use the convention 3 - for sandbox domain, 105 for IP subnet of sandbox5, 17 - for first node of sandbox and 1 for baud rate
    eprom 3 105 17 1
  • Step 6: This should give you an OK message, with a request to reboot the node ID box
  • Step 7: Type reboot at the node ID console
  • Step 8: You can kill the telnet session and now log in using the new node ID's IP which is (for the above example)


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