Steps for setting up the WiMAX BTS on ORBIT

Please note: Do not restart BTS until all changes are complete. If you do happen to restart, you will have to use the serial interface to connect to the BTS.

  • Change the IP address and correct configuration on the RF card.
    • Login to the BTS as root on
    • Copy the attached networkenv.orbit file to /flash/networkenv
    • Use wiset commands below to correct configuration on the BTS:
      /usr/sbin/wimax/cmd_app 3 authgw_id 0x41534E4757303030
      /usr/sbin/wimax/cmd_app 3 authgw_port 0x08B7
      /usr/sbin/wimax/cmd_app 3 asngw_id 0x41534E4757303030
      /usr/sbin/wimax/cmd_app 3 asngw_dp_port  0x08B7
      /usr/sbin/wimax/cmd_app 3 asngw_ep_port 0x08B7
      /usr/sbin/wimax/cmd_app 3 bs_rx_port 0x08B7
      /usr/sbin/wimax/cmd_app 3 bsid 0x000004000000
      /usr/sbin/wimax/cmd_app 3 frequency  2551500
      /usr/sbin/wimax/cmd_app 3 bs_tx_power 40 
      /usr/sbin/wimax/cmd_app 3 bw_mode 0
      /usr/sbin/wimax/cmd_app 3 dlul_ratio 2
      /usr/sbin/wimax/cmd_app 3 ttg 296
      /usr/sbin/wimax/cmd_app 3 rtg 168
      /usr/sbin/wimax/cmd_app 3 framesync_mode 2
      /usr/sbin/wimax/cmd_app 3 antenna_gain 0
      # Other wiset commands changed to appropriately reflect new IP settings.
      /usr/sbin/wimax/cmd_app 3 authgw_ip 0x0A030047
      /usr/sbin/wimax/cmd_app 3 asngw_dp_ip 0x0A030047
      /usr/sbin/wimax/cmd_app 3 asngw_ep_ip 0x0A030047
  • Change settings on the N/W card.
    • Login to the N/W card at again as root, and change the IP configuration for eth1 in the /etc/network/interfaces file as :
      auto eth1
       iface eth1 inet static
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