Page of requirements for new motherboards, and potential examples

Newest Socket and chipset is 1150, H,Z, or Q87, for 4th gen I7s. Previous are on 1155, and 77.

Two form factors are Mini-ITX and Thin Mini-ITX. Thin Mini-ITX uses mobile ram, and external 19V power, but is half height. Many options only available in this form factor.

Hard requirements

  1. 2x GbE ports
  2. 2x Mini Pci or PciE slots, (1 half height ok)
  3. Intel AMT support for power on, power off, restart
  4. Both mini ports on top side of motherboard
  5. ITX form factor
  6. Desktop Processor support

Soft Requirements

  1. Desktop Ram
  2. 2 full height mini slots
  3. Serial redirection over Lan
  4. Onboard video support


Name mPciE Full Height mPciE Half Height form factor socket price
Advantech AIMB-274 1 1 mini-itx 1150 $290
Advantech AIMB-230 1 1 mini-itx 1150 w embedded i5 4300 $692
Advantech AIMB-203 2 0 thin-itx 1150 ?
Advantech AIMB-215 2 0 12v thin-itx embedded quad core atom ?
ASUS Q87T/CSM 1 1 thin-itx 1150 $150
JetWay JNF9G-QM77 1 1 mobile ITX G2, 3rd gen mobile $200
Gigabyte M10RDI 1 1 mini itx embedded fanless atom price

Interesting but not suitable:

Name mPciE Full Height mPciE Half Height form factor socket price
ASRock SBC-210 1 1 5.8x4.0 inch Atom 9-36v in
Intel Galileo 1 0 arduino compatible 32bit intel SoC 5v

New Case Design Requirements / adjustments

Change PCI opening to match official specs.

If bend to hold PCI card screw is not possible, request screw hole and use right angle adapter.

Lower height of case to ensure compatibility with all harnesses. Replace one fan mounting port with slot for panel mount molex.

Possible replacement of CM mount with pci mount add additional horizontal pci mounts to rear of case

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