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What is Athstats?

Athstats is a C application which runs in Unix/Linux environment: /usr/bin/athstats-oml. It takes two arguments, an interface to query and an interval period (between successive queries) in milliseconds. For e.g. /usr/bin/athstats-oml —interface ath0 —interval 100 implies that this application will query the interface ath0 every 100ms. Note that this application will run as fast as the kernel allows any user-space process to (going below 10ms may not make sense).

Is Athstats free software?

Athstats is open-source software and can be downloaded by everyone. However, by default, it is supposed to be used in the ORBIT testbed to take advantage of Orbit measurement framework (OML).

How can I install it?

The installation is simple. On any node of Orbit Testbed, execute the following commands

apt-get update
apt-get install athstats-oml

A binary file "athstats-oml" will be installed under /usr/bin/.

Where do I get the source code?

For orbit developers, latest sourcecode is part of the madwifi driver code. It can be checked out from SVN as follows:

svn co madwifi

Inside this directory, the source code is under tools: athstats-oml.c.

For all other questions, please refer to the OTG FAQ and the OML FAQ.

Are there any dependencies?

This tool requires the madwifi driver and experimenters are encouraged to use the version on the baseline image. This version contains a corrected update for the number of frames successfully transmitted field. It also requires the latest OML libraries. They can be installed using the apt-get utility as apt-get update; apt-get install liboml-client;.

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