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OTF program stores every packet from the "rxdev" and send it through "txdev" to a specific MAC address automatically. To avoid forwarding all packets, a destination IP filter could be given as an optional filter if the received packet has an IP header.

Command Line Options

Options could be only given at start time of OTF program

nameusage default Possible values
protocol specify the protocol used by OTG program.udp raw, raw_libmac
rxdev Device Name of local host to receive eth0 ath0…
dstfilter filter packets with IP destination address NULL IP address (
txdev the device to transmit packets eth2, ath0…
dstmacaddr MAC address of the destination 12:4A:56:D0:E1:75

Options could be given at run-time for OTR

exit terminate and exit the program.

Example of usage

./otf --protocol raw --rxdev ath0 --txdev ath0 --dstmacaddr 00:60:B3:25:C0:16 --dstfilter
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