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require 'handler/appDefinition'

a = AppDefinition.create('test:app:otf') = "otr"
a.version(0, 0, 2)
a.shortDescription = "Programmable traffic forwarder"
a.description = <<TEXT
otf is a configurable traffic forwarder. It re-route traffice from one
incoming interface to another one using raw sockets

#addProperty(name, description, mnemonic, type, isDynamic = false, constraints = nil)
a.addProperty('protocol', 'Protocol to use [raw|raw_libmac]', nil, String, false)
a.addProperty('rxdev', 'incoming interface [eth0|eth2|eth3|ath0|ath1]', nil, String, false)
a.addProperty('txdev', 'outgoing interface [eth0|eth2|eth3|ath0|ath1]', nil, String, false)
a.addProperty('dstfilter', 'packet filter using destination IP address', nil, String, false)
a.addProperty('dstmacaddr', 'MAC address for next-hop', nil,String, false)

a.addMeasurement("senderport", nil, [
    ['stream_no', 'int'],
    ['pkt_seqno', 'long'],
    ['pkt_size', 'long'],
    ['gen_timestamp', 'long'],
    ['tx_timestamp', 'long']

a.addMeasurement("otfreceiver", nil, [
  ['flow_no'],'int','id of receiving flow'],
  ['pkt_num_rcvd','long',' Packet Sequence id of the flow'],
  ['rcvd_pkt_size', 'long', 'Payload size'],
  ['rx_timestamp', 'long', 'Time when packet has been received'],
  ['rssi', 'int', 'rssi of received packet'] ,
  ['xmit_rate','int','channel rate of received packet']

a.path = "/usr/local/bin/otf"

if $0 == __FILE__
  require 'stringio'
  require 'rexml/document'
  include REXML

  sio =
  a.to_xml.write($stdout, 2)

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