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WARNING: Not implemented yet'''

route: Manipulate the IP Routing Table

This command allows the experimenter to manipulate the IP routing table entries associated with a specific interface.

Syntax, options = nil), options = nil)

  • network: Target of route command in the format 'network/netmask'.
  • options: List of options as key ⇒ value

The following options and their respective value ranges are listed below:

  • gw IP address of gateway.
  • metric Metric field in the routing table
  • mss TCP Maximum Segment Size (MSS) in bytes.
  • window TCP window size for connections over this route in bytes.
  • irtt The initial round trip time (irtt) for TCP connections over

this route in milliseconds (1-12000).



nodes('sender1').net.w0.route { |r|
  r.add('default', 'gw' => 'mango-gw')

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