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prop: Setting Experiment Properties

Parameters of application or values of resources used in the experiment can be bound to experiment properties defined with defProperty. When changing an experiment property via the 'prop' command, the nodehandler will follow all the bindings and will automatically issue all the necessary commands to propagate the new value to all the bound applications and resources.


prop.propName = newValue

  • propName: Name of experiment property
  • newValue: New value to assign to property.


defProperty('rate', 300, 'Bits per second sent from sender')

defNodes('sender', [1,2]) {|node|
  node.prototype("test:proto:sender", {
    'rate' => prop.rate   

whenAllInstalled {
  [500, 1000, 2000].each { |newRate|
    prop.rate = newRate
    wait 30

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