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Debian tools to create a package

To build this, you need to make sure that you have the following debian packages

  • dpkg-dev
  • fakeroot
  • debhelper

Debian package naming conventions

If you've used Debian for any amount of time, you might have noticed that Debian package files all follow certain naming conventions. Every Debian binary package should have a filename that follows this format: packagename_version_arch.deb, where "packagename" is the name of the package, "version" is the package version with major, minor, and revision numbers, and "arch" is the architecture for the package.

The name of the package itself (not the filename, just the name of the package) can contain lowercase letters, numbers, and the "-" and "+" characters. (It might sound odd for a package to have a "+" in the package name, but it is used for several packages like "doc++" — a documentation system for C/C++ code.) So, "mypackage-2++" is a perfectly valid package name, while "MY_Package" or "mypackage2.0" would not be.

Every package should also have a unique name that doesn't already exist in the Debian archive. Even though you technically do not need to adhere to this for your package to install, you should be sure that your package name does not conflict with an official Debian package. For example, if you wanted to distribute a specially patched version of Apache as an alternative to the official Debian version, you shouldn't use apache_X.X.X-i386.deb, because the Debian folks already have an apache package. Instead, you'd want to use something like acme-apache_X.X.X-i386.deb.

To create nodehandler deb

  • Make changes

  • Edit src/ruby/handler/changelog to add new version and comments

  • make nodehandlerdeb

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Need some more information about how to write control file and dependency info??? —zhibin

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