Tracking information about baseline images for ORBIT nodes

Tag: baseline-1.0.0 Image name: baseline-1.0.0.ndz

node-agent1.0.1Added RTS, Rate control support
Added gateway functionality* (see comment below)
ipw22001.0.0Installed from source - no debian
madwifi0.9.6Installed from source - no debian
oml-client2.0.0No changes
otg1.1.1No changes
iperf2.0.2-1No changes

Other features

1) Uses gcc 3.3

2) Tagged (Check /root/.orbit_image)

3) fscked before imaging

4) tune2fs done - so no more fsck will be done

5) Uses Linux 2.6.10

For all the packages that have comments listed, all these additions should be rolled out as the next debian package for that application

Explanation for gateway functionality

when 'gateway'
              return "route del default dev eth1; route add default gw #{value}; route add dev eth1"

This is used by the OTF application (forwarder)

Command 1) When using a forwarder (or static routing), the user may need to specify a default route to the next hop, to do this one has to disable the existing default route

Command 2) Add default route to the next hop

Command 3) With this setup, OML sends its multicast trafic on wrong default route. Hence, we have to add an entry in the table to handle multicast OML traffic

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