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What is a Sandbox?

A sandbox is a setup comprising two ORBIT nodes, a console to run experiments and a switch connecting these machines. The wireless interfaces of the sandoxes are connected to each other through RF cables.


Sandboxes are meant for application development, debugging and testing before running the experiment on the main grid. The RF cables ensure that they do not interfere with experiments on the main grid.

Convention for IP addressing of sandboxes

Each sandbox setup will have 2 nodes - node1-1 and node1-2

The CM naming convention for sandboxes

Sandbox1 - 10.1.101.xy

Sandbox2 - 10.1.102.xy

and so on

For xy convention

node1-1 is 0001-0001 which is decimal 17, another way to think of this is bash shell variable $((0x01))

node1-2 is 0001-0002 which is decimal 18, another way to think of this is bash shell variable $((0x11))

IP addresses

node1-1 node1-2
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