The contents of this page addresses two topics:

  1. How to set 802.11 interfaces used on ORBIT
  1. Which settings actually work

Available settings: mode (abg), essid, channel, mode (sta, ap, ), txpower, phy rate








iwpriv eth2 set_mode <x>

where x stands for:

1: a

2: b

3: ab

4: g

5: ag

6: bg

7: abg

Note: Must be set after interface mode is set to take effect!!!

Interface mode

iwconfig eth2 mode <mode>

where <mode> can be ad-hoc, managed, or monitor. Access point mode (master) is not allowed.


iwconfig eth2 channel <channel>

where the channel is given in channel nomenclature number (36) or in MHz (5180M).

Transmit power

iwconfig eth2 txpower <power in dBm>

Alowed range is -12dBm to 20dBm. Actual settings are from -8dBm to 14dBm. Thus

iwconfig eth2 txpower 18

results in power being set to 14dBm.

PHY rate

iwconfig eth2 rate <x>M

where the actual range of rates depends on selected 802.11 mode. In other words

iwconfig eth2 rate 54M

will not work if selected mode is 2.


Vector Signal Analyzer shows interesting discrepancy. In only b mode (2) 6Mbps OFDM is used instead of 5.5Mbps DSSS, and in only g mode 11Mbps DSSS is used instead of 12Mbps OFDM.

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