Current images with TinyOS 2.1 installation

  • tinyos-2007-06-14.ndz
  • tinyos-2008-09-13.ndz
  • tinyos.ndz

What is Sandbox7 on Orbit-Lab?

Sandbox7 consists of two nodes, i.e. node1-1 and node1-2. Each individual node is connected to one telosb mote.

Setting up Sandbox 7

It is assumed that you’ve read the tutorial about Orbit, and you know how to reserve a time slot, how to log into the nodes, and how to image the nodes. (Otherwise, read Getting Started.)

To load the nodes with the right image:

  • Step 1: Login to the console.
          ssh username@
  • Step 2: Image the nodes.
          omf load all tinyos.ndz
  • Step 3: Power up node1-1 and node1-2.
          omf tell on all
  • Step 4: Log into the node.
              ssh root@node1-1
    	  ssh root@node1-2
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