MobilityFirst Summer Intern Group

Project Overview

MobilityFirst project is aimed at design and validation of comprehensive new architectures for the next-generation Internet.

  • Challenges with current Internet architecture
    • Host mobility
    • Variable link quality and connectivity
    • Multi homing
    • Context and Content Based Routing
  • MobilityFirst approach and key components
    • Combining existing mobile ad-hoc network and delay-tolerant network routing protocols
    • Naming and Addressing Separation : Globally Unique ID (GUID) and Global Name Resolution Service (GNRS)
    • In-network storage
    • Hop-by-hop reliable transport of data block

Summer Intern Group Objectives

  • Implementation and validation of Intra-Domain routing protocol
  • Implementation of Global Name Resolution Service
  • Extend GNRS simulation and explore fairness and security problems
  • Design and implement MobilityFirst android client stack
  • Integrate sensor network application into MobilityFirst architecture

Team Members

More technical details can be found here:

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