IoT Communications

Our long-term goal is to identify ways to improve IoT communications systems through phase alignment and the use of multiple receivers. An IoT system consists of sensors or devices that collect, process, and transfer data, and for our research we conduct experiments using the ORBIT testbed to send and receive data. By performing phase alignment on signals of the same frequency, we attempt to achieve low latency communication from low power signals.

  • Objectives
    • Low latency
    • Low power
    • Employ multiple transmitters and receivers
    • Within the same frequency, distinguish signals sent from different transmitters
  • Software Used
    • GNU Radio
    • MATLAB

(1) An example of the GNU Radio interface:

(2) Experimenting with signals using MATLAB:


We are able to communicate with our phones because of the availability of different frequencies. However, there is not an infinite amount of spectrum available for cellular communications. As the frequency spectrum becomes more and more limited, we run into serious issues. By exploring radio communications and IoT communications systems, we look into ways to address this and similar issues. Radio also has valuable uses in the medical field, in the form of targeted therapy; for example, by putting sensors on, around, or inside a patient's body, we gain access to critical information that is not available otherwise.

Team Members:

Zhenzhou Qi

ECE Class of 2020
Rutgers University
Holly Smith

ECE Class of 2020
Rutgers University

Instructor: Xiaoran Fan

Links to Weekly Presentations:

Week 1 (June 6):

Week 2 (June 13):

Week 3 (June 20):

Week 4 (June 27):

Week 5 (July 4):

Week 6 (July 11):

Week 7 (July 18):

Week 8 (July 25):

Week 9 (August 1):

Week 10 (August 8):

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