IoT Red Team

Our ultimate objective is to successfully attack the Blue Team's IoT system.

Cool, but what is an IoT System?

IoT stands for 'Internet of Things'. An IoT system is a network of devices connected through some wireless communication protocol (ex. bluetooth, zigbee, Z-wave). It is most commonly used in "smart home" systems.

What do you mean by attacking them?

There are three primary types of attacks we will be trying to conduct.

  • Sniffing-Detecting and then reading data that is being sent.
  • Jamming-Preventing data from being sent ex. interfering with signals.
  • Spoofing-Sending fake or edited data without knowledge of Blue team.

What kind of tech will you be using?

The IoT framework that we are using is openHAB.

The sensors we are using:

  • TI Sensortag CC2650
  • TI Sensortag CC2541
  • PipSensor
Other tech we are using:
  • Ubertooth One
  • USRP X310
Wireless protocols we are attacking:
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • Z-Wave


Adithya Rao Alkankara
Rutgers University
EE, Masters
Ashton Sopher
University of Rochester
CS, Class of 2021
Daniel Chong
Rutgers University
EECS, Class of 2021
Joseph Shenouda
Rutgers University
EE, Class of 2021
Samuel Minkin
Rutgers University
EECS, Class of 2021
Rishika Sakhuja
East Brunswick High School
Class of 2019
Justin Wang
High Technology High School
Class of 2019

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