Intelligent UWB Network

Project Objective

Recently, many important application scenarios in 5G and beyond, such as autonomous vehicles, Wi-Fi sensing, and extended reality (XR), have encouraged the integration of sensing and wireless communication. The integrated sensing and communication (ISAC), in which the sensing and communication share the same frequency band and hardware, has emerged as a key technology in future wireless systems. Here we study how UWB and machine learning technologies can be used to achieve this in an intelligent manner.

Reading Material

Week 1 Activites

  • Get ORBIT/COSMOS account and familiarize oneself with the testbed procedures.

Week 2 Activites

  • Getting started with the literature overview for the project.

Week 3 Activites

  • Literature overview of Wireless Sensor Network(WSNs) and Clock synchronization in WSNs.

Week 4 Activites

  • Literature overview of Comparison of UWB based wireless clock synchronization algorithms.
  • Started research for MATLAB simulation for clock synchronization.

Week 5 Activites

  • Reviewed basic clock synchronization algorithm based on synchronization approaches studies in previous week.
  • Ran simulations with one of the basic clock synchronization algorithm.
  • Simulated and analysed UWB signal in MATLAB.

Project Website

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