Augmented Reality Mural

    Augmented Reality Mural

    WINLAB Summer Internship 2022

    Group Members: Somrishi Banerjee, Rhea Adur, Taylor Cheung

    Project Objective

    Use OpenAR Cloud infrastructure deployed at Winlab to create a distributed augmented reality canvas which will allow collaboration between artists in multiple locations. This project will be built using the Unity game engine.

    Weekly Progress

    Week 1: Project Overview and set goals for the upcoming week.
    Week 2: Learning the fundamentals of Unity and basics of augmented reality using Unity and Vuforia engine. Began researching potential painting softwares.
    Week 3: Collected more info and downloaded related software. Installed holographic remoting player on hololens to test out Unity project and Researched into Silk brush and Open brush to add drawing capabilities to the project.
    Week 4: We decided to focus on creating a drawing software in which we use splines to create paint strokes in unity. Created a side project of a color picker that could be used in further implementation.
    Week 5: Read further documentation on microsoft hololens hand gesture library in attempts to gain knowledge on hand recognition for user input. Worked on getting Unity to display to hololens.


    OpenAR Cloud

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