Active Driving AI Assistant

    Active Driving AI Assistant

    WINLAB Summer Internship 2022

    Group Members: Kishan Patel, Lucas Cordova, & Atharva Belsare

    Project Objective

    This project study will develop a naturalistic driving monitoring and intervention system. Our interactive system will use multiple in-cabin vehicle sensors to assess driving conditions and performance in real-time and draw a driver’s attention using a voice-based interface to improve their performance. We will use AI-driven techniques to continuously assess the effectiveness of our interventions and make adjustments to maximize driving safety and quality.

    Reading material:

    Week 1 Activities

    Download videos of car approaching stop sign (Youtube). Learn Video Processing Using Python (cutting, concentration, noise cancellation etc). Work with ROS and Python to implement a program to estimate the total stopping distance of a vehicle based on its speed. Familiarize with Orbit/Cosmos testbed and procedures. Set up development environment and necessary tools.

    Week 2 Activities

    Look into achieving a program to calculate distance of car to stop sign at the parking lot outside. Our project will be the first step in a major multi-step project that will allow a car to operate autonomously. Familiarize ourselves with NJ MVC Driving Laws. Find related studies and Youtube videos relating to AI detection. Begin researching on object and motion detection techniques.

    Week 3 Activities

    Implement basic object detection algorithm using OpenCV and Python. Implement the videos to YOLO (Real time Object Detection). Collect more VIDEOS and compare the theoretical results to experimental results. identify the suitable camera.

    Week 4 Activities

    Research related Datasets and codes, and create our own dataset. Choose images and check if its correct. Install the required packages & run the code in Python Integrated Environment. Learn image Processing.

    Week 5 Activities

    Build upon the object detection algorithm from the previous week and develop a motion detection algorithm. Test and evaluate the performance of the motion detection algorithm on various videos. Optimize the algorithm for maximum accuracy and speed.

    Week 6 Activities

    Implement the AI driver assistant module to promote driver safety. Integrate the object and motion detection algorithms with the AI driver assistant module. Test and evaluate the performance of the AI driver assistant module

    Week 7 Activities

    Research and implement ways to improve the accuracy and reliability of the AI driver assistant. Test and evaluate the performance improvements made to the AI driver assistant.

    Week 8 Activities

    Begin working on integrating the AI driver assistant with the ROS framework. Test and debug the integration of the AI driver assistant with ROS.

    Week 9 Activities

    Complete the integration of the AI driver assistant with ROS. Test and evaluate the performance of the AI driver assistant within the ROS framework.

    Week 10 Activities

    Conduct final tests and evaluations of the AI driver assistant system. Prepare a poster board that summarized the methodology, results, and applications of the project. Document and present the results and findings of the internship project to the team.

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