A Radar-based System for Patient Discrimination

    A Radar-based System for Patient Discrimination

    WINLAB Summer Internship 2022

    Group Members:

    Project Objective

    This project study will develop a rader-based system to monitor subjects taking medications from a pill bottle and identify them. The system uses OPS243-C FMCW and Doppler Radar Sensor to detect and report motion, speed, direction, and range for objects in its field. We will use ML models to augment data and evaluate classification performance of the approach for user identification.

    Reading material:

    • Aldeer, M., Howard, R. E., Martin, R. P., & Ortiz, J. (2021). Unobtrusive patient identification using smart pill-bottle systems. Internet of Things, 14, 100389.
    • Miller, Elishiah, Zane MacFarlane, Seth Martin, Nilanjan Banerjee, and Ting Zhu. "Radar-based monitoring system for medication tampering using data augmentation and multivariate time series classification." Smart Health 23 (2022): 100245.

    Week 1 Activities

    Week 2 Activities

    Week 3 Activities

    Week 4 Activities

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