Distributed Spectrum Monitoring and Channel Sounding

    Distributed Spectrum Monitoring and Channel Sounding

    WINLAB Summer Internship 2022

    Group Members: Khyati Dinesh Patel, Mingkun Sun

    Project Objective

    Several objectives:

    • Using nodes in COSMOS/ORBIT testbed to transmit and receive reference signals
    • Collect data from the transmission process with the portable SDRs
    • Use both traditional and AI/ML analysis for channel characterization (including occupancy)

    Reading material:

    Planned to meet weekly at 12pm on Tuesday and 2pm on Thursday

    Week 1 Activities

    • Get familiar with ORBIT
    • Research on software defined radio (SDR)

    Week 2 Activities

    • Ran basic experiments on ORBIT testbed
    • Studied more about SDRs and Channel Monitoring
    • Learnt basics of Ubuntu

    Week 3 Activities

    • Researched about different Sandboxes in ORBIT
    • Perform more experiments with SDRs
    • Studied about different hardwares in ORBIT

    Week 4 Activities

    • In USRP capture the waveforms and plot it
    • In sandbox, used 1 node as transmitter and other as receiver and observed the transmission process

    Week 5 Activities

    • Used 2 transmitter and 2 receiver to send data across each other and plot the wavefroms
    • Conducted specturm sensing using USRP2

    Week 6 Activities

    • Tried resolving the FPGA and GNU errors
    • Looked into different technical papers for ML approach used for spectrum sensing

    Week 7 Activities

    • Successfully conducted experiment using GNU radio and tried plotting the spectrum using GNU companion
    • Conducted specturm sensing using USRP X310 and WISERD

    Week 8 Activities

    • Successfully collected sample data from the spectrum sensing experiment using WISERD
    • Still trying to resolve the errors faced using GNU companion
    • Looked into a few ML algorithms and try to finalize one by this weekend

    Week 9 Activities

    Week 10 Activities

    • Successfully collected specturm data for ML algorithm
    • Where not able to finalize any ML apporach due the limited amount of time

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