MobilityFirst Tutorials

The MobilityFirst project was started in 2010 with funding from the National Science Foundation's Future Internet Architecture (FIA) program as one of the four clean-slate architectures. The major design goals of this new architecture are:

  • mobility as the norm (with dynamic host and network mobility at scale)
  • robustness with respect to intrinsic properties of wireless medium
  • trustworthiness in the form of enhanced security and privacy (for both mobile networks and wired infrastructure)
  • usability features such as support for context-aware pervasive mobile services, evolvable network services, manageability and economic viability.

The design is also informed by technology factors such as radio spectrum scarcity, wired bandwidth abundance, continuing Moore’s law improvements to computing, and energy constraints in mobile and sensor devices.

The first three MobilityFirst tutorials have accompanying slide set. More information about MobilityFirst is available on the MobilitFirst site.

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