DARPA Spectrum Challenge

ORBIT was chosen to host the DARPA Spectrum Challenge - a competition in designing radio systems that work well in (heavily) interference limited communication environments. These pages are used to disseminate information regarding the arena and various technical aspects of the challenge.

The desgins will be implemented in a software defined radio platform centered around radio development kit (RDK) that is based on Ettus Research USRP N210 and SBX RF Front-end. Each RDK is attached to one of the generation 3 nodes in the ORBIT main grid which is the main venue for the competition. In addition, number of sandboxes are available for code development. The actual spectrum challenge matches will be administered through use of OMF and OML frameworks.


First step in Spectrum Challenge is a three step qualification process that will be used to determine the Challenge contestants. The three hurdles are intended to demonstrate:

Wildcard tournament

The step is for the 24 wildcard teams that have opted to compete for three remaining positions in the DARPA Spectrum Challenge. The teams are competing against house bots by using the actual competition framework for both competitive and cooperative matches.

Preliminary round

Final round

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