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    Development Environment

    The code for this project was developed using Paradigm C++ Pro IDE. Lantronix provides a full featured SDK in order to write code with. The current SDK version being used is the XPort AR SDK Release v5.2.0.0 R21. The latest version of the SDK is available on the Lantronix forum website, for which you must be a registered user (free) here.

    A simple way to manage and see active CM3 devices is to view them though the Lantonix tool, the Device Installer (available here). It finds and lists active Lantronix Xport AR devices on the same network as the computer with Device Installer. It will also give details on the Xport AR, such as firmware version, MAC address, and IP address. The tool also allows for serial recovery of the Xport AR, which is useful for when firmware recovery when the device is not accessible over the network. For more details on firmware flashing and recovery please see this page.

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