OTG — ORBIT Traffic Generator

OTG (ORBIT Traffic Generator) software is designed for in NSF ORBIT Testbed Project. It is a typical application to inject packets into the network and test the link performances, similar to Netperf. ORBIT Traffic Generator is a special tool for ORBIT experimenters to generate traffic for testing network performance. Its primary focus is to generate bulk data of various characteristics and use either TCP or UDP protocol to transport data.

ORBIT Traffic Generator Software consists of two components. One is the OTG (ORBIT Traffic Generator); the other is OTR (Orbit Traffic Receiver). They are used in pair to transmit and receive data respectively. The OTG software has a flexible design to support various configuration of generators such as CBR and exponential on/off traffic.

OTG is also integrated with OML component for providing real-time measurements for network applications.

Starting Points

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