Robot Mobility Project

This is the main page for the Robot Mobility Project, a project taken on by two summer interns here at Winlab. A major goal of the project is to set up wifi capable robots which will wander around the orbit room collecting signal strength data. We hope to be able to generate maps of power received at each point in Orbit for several different frequencies.

The project is using Evolution's ERSP software and two ER1 robots. The computers are two IBM Thinkpad R40s on which we've installed Debian Sarge.

Robot Handbook - Written in the final week of our internship, a culmination of what we have learned.

Daily Updates - Updated consistantly for the first few weeks of the internship, may information useful for getting started but most of the content will be duplicated in the robot handbook

Some notes on linux commands and ERSP

Important files for linux and ERSP

Some notes on using Ghost for Linux

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