This page is intended to help keep track of the linux commands and ERSP commands frequently used while working on robotmobility


apt-get -f install - Repairs broken dependencies

dpkg --list |grep something - Search for something in installed packages


run_client_gui - Opens the navigation tool. This tool includes the vSlam and teleoperation applets.

run_slam_explore - Runs the vSlam server. To use the vSlam applet, first run run_slam_explore, then run run_client_gui in a seperate terminal. If done properly, the Camera Local field in navtool will be blank.

run_teleop - Runs the teloperations server.

Hardware tests

In general, if the first three of these tests work, run_client_gui should work as well.




Jobs and Processes

In general, ctrl+z suspends a job, and ctrl+c kills one

lsof - Lists open files

free -m - Statistics on RAM usage

top - Displays running tasks

Suspended jobs

bg - Continue running job in background

fg - Resume job in foreground

jobs - List suspended jobs and their numbers

kill %# - Kill job #

ps -ef|grep something - List processes that are running and grep for something

kill -9 something - Brute force way to kill a process.


unless /sbin as been added to the PATH variable, many of these commands require root priveleges

iwconfig ath0 essid WINMAIN - Establishes WINMAIN as network we wish to connect to.

ifconfig ath0 up - Brings up the wireless interface

iwconfig ath0 - Displays information about wireless connection. If "Access Point" reads "Not Associated," Execute this command repeatedly until an access point is associated.

dhclient ath0 - Uses DHCP to obtain an IP address

ifconfig ath0 up - Brings up the wireless interface. Often this command needs to be executed again after an IP address has been obtained.

iwlist ath0 scan - Displays a list of wifi networks in the area.

Remote Control

ssh -XC - Connect to a computer with X11 forwarding and compression enabled

xtightvncviewer -compression # - Connect to a vnc server. # is a scale (0-9) with 0 being uncompressed and 9 being maximum compression. Max compression does not mean fastest since compression takes time.

Files and the filesystem

updatedb - Builds a database so the locate command can work

locate something - Finds files named something in the filesystem.

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