NetFPGA Experimentation

Software Details

Custom disk images exist that are preloaded with several of the software necessary for experimenting with the above hardware. These are the available options, which can be further customized using the 'save' function of OMF framework ( refer to the 'How to save...' tutorial):

  • Image 1
  • Image 2


  • Image k
Modifying or Freshly Installing NetFPGA/OpenFlow Software

The above images provide a basic software platform to get started with NetFPGA-OpenFlow experimentation. We may also add new images occasionally to update the software with their new stable releases. Beyond that, if you need to do a custom install of NetFPGA/OpenFlow software, you can choose to either build starting from one of the existing images above, or refer to the original instructions from the NetFPGA and OpenFlow development groups online:

The following page documents the installation steps for the the base image 'X' on Ubuntu 10.10:


Controlling Sandbox Topology through the Top Switch

NetFPGA-OpenFlow Experimentation Tutorials using OMF

Tutorial 1: NetFPGA Self-Test
NetFPGA reference pipeline

Figure 2: NetFPGA reference pipeline

Tutorial 2: NetFPGA (NIC, Switch, Router) Regression Tests
Tutorial 3: NetFPGA-OpenFlow Switch Regression Tests
NetFPGA-OpenFlow switch pipeline

Figure 3: OpenFlow switch pipeline

Tutorial 4: NetFPGA-Switch Load Test

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