SB9 is dedicated to wired networking and cloud computing experimentation. Nodes in sandbox 9 don't have wireless interfaces.

Sandbox 9 Block Diagram
Figure 1: SB9 Block Diagram

Sandbox 9 consists of 8 servers, each with the following specifications:

  • Server model: Dell R740XD
  • CPU: 2x Intel Xeon Gold 6126
  • Memory: 192GB
  • Disk: 256gb ssd
  • Network: 2x 25gbe mellanox connect-x4 lx
  • Network: 2x 100gbe mellanox connect-x5 lx (pending, shares 1x pcie3.0x16 slot)
  • Network: 1x 10gbe (pending)
  • Accelerator1: Nvidia V100 16gb
  • Accelerator2: Xilinx Alveo U200 FPGA (2x 100gbe ethernet onboard)

They are connected to two switches:

  • Dell Z9100
  • Edge Core Wedge100BF-32x
    • Ports: 32x 100g ports, each can break out to 2x 50, 2x 40, 4x 25, or 4x 10g ports.
    • OS: Azure SONIC operating system, or OpenNetworkLinux
    • Management: In band, out of band, or via onboard BMC.
Procedures (Wedge)

Manual install of new switch os: Currently this must be done by a user with admin access. A service will be provided to automate this operation.

  1. download image and change symlink on repo1 at path /tftpboot/os/switch/100bf-32x/current-os
  2. Connect to BMC, and run ONIE following steps at
  3. For SONIC, follow
  4. Set up mapping of serial lanes to ports
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