WiMAX and LTE Tutorials

Wide area network experimentation in ORBIT currently supports two types of wireless technologies: WiMAX and LTE. Both technologies, in addition to devices deployed in various domains of the testbed, are also deployed on two Rutgers University campuses as part of GENI 4G deployment addressing the two key research issues:

  1. providing campus-wide GENI wireless coverage for opt-in users;
  2. offering programmable wireless networking capabilities

While initial focus was on developing and deploying wide-area wireless experimentation services with WiMAX technology, subsequent efforts were concentrated on introducing LTE. At the core of both types of deployment are technology kits typically consisting of a commercial basestation and PC-based controller running custom software that manages the basestation and performs layer 2 and layer 3 processing of client packets. More details on the 4G deployments can be found at GENI 4G pages. The most recent addition to the LTE experimentation capabilities are fully software-based (SDR) open (and closed) source implementations.

An introduction to GENI wireless technologies and resources available to the community can be found here

A wide variety of wireless experiments and tutorials are available for the GENI community. To try them out, please follow these Steps to access Wireless resources via GENI

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