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Juniper Hardware

There are 6 Juniper Routers available in the lab, two M7i Multiservice Edge routers and four J6350 Enterprise Service routers.


The router architectures separate control operations from packet forwarding operations, which helps to eliminate processing and traffic bottlenecks. Control operations in the router are performed by the Routing Engine, which runs Junos OS to handle routing protocols, traffic engineering, policy, policing, monitoring, and configuration management.

Application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) enable the router to forward data at the high speeds. Forwarding operations in the router are performed by the Packet Forwarding Engine, which consists of hardware, including ASICs, designed by Juniper Networks.

M7i Edge Routers

The M7i Multiservice Edge Router is a routing system that provides ATM, channelized, Ethernet, IP services, and SONET/SDH interfaces for large networks and network applications, such as those supported by Internet service providers (ISPs).

The router accommodates upto four Physical Interface Cards (PICs). In addition to the PICs, the Fixed Interface Card (FIC) provides two Fast Ethernet ports. The built-in tunnel interface on the Compact Forwarding Engine Board (CFEB) and Enhanced Compact Forwarding Engine Board (CFEB-E) provides tunneling services.

J 6350 Service Routers

The J6350 is a modular router for enterprises running desktops, servers, VoIP, CRM/ERP/SCM applications. The J6350 Modular Router offers six PIM slots for additional LAN/WAN connectivity, Avaya VoIP Gateway, and WAN acceleration.

The router accommodates upto six Physical Interface Cards (PICs). In addition to the PICs, the Fixed Interface Card (FIC) provides 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports.

Specifications & Interfaces


M7i : Both the M7i's have the same hardware specs as listed below:

Routing Engine: RE-850

Processor: 850-MHz Pentium III

Memory: 1536 MB

Disk: 40 GB Hard disk

Media: Upto 1 GB CompactFlash card

Ports: 2 Fast Ethernet

PIC slots: 4

PICs Onboard:

One 2-port STM-1/OC-3 ATM2 MMF

One 4-port STM-1/OC-3 SONET MMF

One 4-port 100 Mb Ethernet

J 6350:

All the 4 J 6350 routers have the same hardware specs as listed below:

Memory: 1 GB

Media: 2 USB ports for external storage

Ports: 4 Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbps

PIC slots: 6

PICs On board: None

PICs Supported:

Gigabit Ethernet(1/6/8/16–ports); Dual-Port Fast Ethernet; Dual-Port T1/E1/ISDN PRI; 4-port Fast Ethernet; 4-port ISDN

For detailed hardware specs of M7i and J6350, visit:



OS: Junos 11.4 (recommended), Upgradable upto 13.2


OS: Junos 11.4 (recommended), Upgradable upto 12.1


Junos OS v11.4:

Access Privilege; Class of Service; Firewall Filters and Traffic Policers; Broadband Gateway; MPLS Applications; Multicast Protocols; Network Interfaces; Routing Policy; Routing Protocols; Services Interfaces VPNs

Junos OS v12.1 onwards, OpenFlow can be enabled by installing specific daemons to the Junos OS

For detailed specs of different Junos versions,visit:

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