Aggregate Managers

In OMF, Aggregate Managers (AM) are software components used for management of various testbed resources. Each AM implements a set of services that are organized in service group as specified in the AM API. Following OMF 5.5 AMs are available in ORBIT:

(in earlier versions of OMF, AMs were also known as "gridservices").

Global AM Configuration

Lives in the file /etc/init.d/omf-aggmgr-5.4/omf-aggmgr.yaml

# NOTE: use only 'spaces' to indent !
# ('tab' indents are not supported by the ruby yaml parser used to read this file)
# This is the config file for global configuration items for the OMF Aggregate Manager.
  :server: ""
  :user: "admin"
  :password: "123"
  :port: 5222
  :use_dnssrv: false
  :port: 5054
# List of the slices that the AM should by default provide its service to 
# (other slices can be added later dynamically via a Slice Manager)
:default_slices: ["pxe_slice", "default_slice"]
# Database server used by various services
  :adapter: mysql
  # User name and password for database server
  user: 'admin'
  password: 'password'
  host: ''
# ldap configuration
  class: LdapAuth
  homeDir: '/home/'
  autohome-opts: '-fstype=nfs,hard,intr,rsize=8192,wsize=8192,nodev,nosuid'
      # primary LDAP server
      secret: 'password'
      host: ''
      base: 'dc=example, dc=org'
      # alternate LDAP server
      secret: 'password'
      host: ''
      base: 'dc=example, dc=org'
# Email configuration
  # email server configuration
  host: ''
  port: 25
  - 'joe'
  - 'jim'
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