Chassis Manager Controller


The Chassis Manager Controller (CMC) orchestrates the agents that are on each node. It keeps track of node states and issues commands to each node to preform the experiments. It maintains a model of the grid state by polling the individual node chassis managers. It is the central clock keeper of an experiment and schedules experiment events (Up, down, exec, etc…)


The Chassis Manager Controller is not directly interacted with by users. Instead if acts on messages handed to it from the Experiment controller. It will respond to queries for the current state of the grid (read from the grid state model). It will also carry out on/off/reset commands by pushing messages to the individual CMs.

Installation and Configuration

The Chassis Manager Controller AM (services) is packaged in the omf-aggmgr-cmc-5.4 package. It can be installed form the package repository with

apt-get install omf-aggmgr-cmc-5.4

Instructions on how to add the Orbit software repository to your list of apt-sources can be found here.

Once installed the service is configured by TODO.

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