Scheduler Aggregate Manager

This service manages the reservations for access to the resources. Authenticated users are allowed to make reservations to use experiment resources. This service presents the display by which they make such reservations, and handles schedule conflict resolution. The resulting schedule (database) is queried by the auto-approver services to determine if a user can access the resources they are attempting to use.

Installation and Configuration

The Scheduler service is packaged in the omf-aggmgr-scheduler-5.4 package. It can be installed form the package repository with

apt-get install omf-aggmgr-scheduler-5.4

Instructions on how to add the Orbit software repository to your list of apt-sources can be found ​here.

Configuration file is in /etc/omf-aggmgr-5.4/available/scheduler.yaml: Configuration parameters:

  • :database: - section for database configuration parameters
    1. database: (string): database name to be used by scheduler
    2. approveSeparatly: (true/false): Calculate time spend on each domain separately (only for domains listed in listOfDomains)
    3. listOfDomains: (array): Array of domains for which utilization is accumulated seprately (time experimenters reserve in all other domains is accumulated jointly)
  • prefix: (string): internal reservation prefix (not shown to the users)
  • email: - notification email configuration section
    1. sender: (string): sender email address
    2. sender_name (string): sender name
    3. emailAdmin: (true/false): flag as to whether admin will also receive the email notification about the reservations (makes the service quite annoying for admins)
  • layout: - section defining the front-end layout options
    1. various colors


# NOTE: use only 'spaces' to indent !
# ('tab' indents are not supported by the ruby yaml parser used to read this file)
# This is the Config file for the Scheduler Service
        database: 'scheduler'
        approveSeparatly: true 
          - grid 
    prefix: 'sc4'
        # sender and administrastor email configuration
        sender: ''
        sender_name: 'ORBIT Schedule'
        emailAdmin: 1
        # colors
        myres: '#5E7FB1'
        mypastres: '#A0A1A1'
        otherres: '#D2DDEC'
        otherpastres: '#CFCFCF'
        pending: '#E4DC04'
        blackout: '#6F292D'
        conflict: '#FF0000'

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