Auto-Approver Aggregate Manager

This service manages testbed access based on scheduler reservations. It prevents users from logging in when they do not have a valid reservation.

Installation and Configuration

The service is packaged in the omf-aggmgr-autoapprover package. It can be installed form the package repository with (instructions on how to add the Orbit software repository to your list of apt-sources can be found ​here):

apt-get install omf-aggmgr-autoapprover-5.4

Configuration lives in /etc/omf-aggmgr-5.4/available/autoapprover.yaml Most of the configuration parameters are identical to scheduler service parameters. The only exception is the approveTime: (time in seconds) that is…

Example of the auto-approver configuration file is:

    approveTime: 600
        #scheduler database
        database: 'scheduler'
        approveSeparatly: true 
        # sender and administrastor email configuration
        sender: ''
        sender_name: 'ORBIT Schedule'
        emailAdmin: 1

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