Accounting and Scheduling

Consist of multiple services. Based on LDAP; acess control with ssh keys scheduler, host attribute etc.

Two OMF packages are shared among all acount management services: accountingCommon and controlPanlel. First contains common functions while the second provides front-end support for services such as scheduler, account management and status.

Accounting Common

Packaged in omf-aggmgr-accountingcommon package. This service doesn't have any independent configuration options.

Control Panel

Packaged in omf-aggmgr-controlpanel package.

Installation and Configuration

This service is installed with:

apt-get install omf-aggmgr-controlpanel-5.4

The configuration file is in /etc/omf-aggmgr-5.4/available/controlPanel.yaml and has the following entries:

# NOTE: use only 'spaces' to indent !
# ('tab' indents are not supported by the ruby yaml parser used to read this file)
# This is the Config file for the Control Panel Service
    # base url
    proxyPath: '/cPanel'  

The only configurable option is the proxy URL path in the front-end apache configuration.


  <serviceGroup name="controlPanel" prefix="/controlPanel">
    <info>Service for </info>
    <service name="serverTime">
      <info>Get server time</info>
    <service name="start">
      <info>Control Panel</info>
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