Frisbee Aggregate Manager

The Frisbee Aggregate Manager launches the frisbee daemon on the image repository. It keeps track of:

  • multicast Ip Address
  • image name
  • listening port
  • imaging status


Frisbee is the tool we use to manipulate disk images. The 3 main components are:

  • imagezip - Imagezip generates the disk images. It requires that you boot into a PREOS, either via a cdrom/usb flash drive or PXE. Orbit primarily uses PXE.
  • frisbee - Frisbee is the tool that writes the image onto a disk, the image is received via a network multicast. It must only be run in the PREOS.
  • frisbeed - Frisbeed is the daemon that sends the disk image to nodes in the network. It's run from the server that houses your images.

You will not need to use these tools manually. This service coordinates with the PXE service and the node agent to start/stop Frisbee clients and daemons when needed. It only manges the pool of multicast address used for pushing images.

More information can be found at Emulab and CS Utah


We are evaluting the newest version for frisbee / imagezip which suppoort ext4 file systems. Ext2 and ext3 are still supported. NTFS is not supported (and may never be).

Installation and Configuration

The Frisbee AM (tools and services) is packaged in the omf-aggmgr-frisbee-5.4 package. It can be installed form the package repository with

apt-get install omf-aggmgr-frisbee-5.4

Instructions on how to add the Orbit software repository to your list of apt-sources can be found here

Once installed the service is configured by TODO.

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